Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for our visitors

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Log Files

Same as other websites we do also collect and use the data of log files. This comprises browser details, ISP provider and your IP address. And in-fact we receive the details of the pages that you visited on our website.


A cookie is place where the user information is stored and our site use this cookie to get the information about the visitors. Our business partners and advertisers use these cookies from our sites and directly we don’t have any control over this however you have option in your browser to modify the cookie setting and can opt out. And you can also do this manually by clearing your cookies from the browser.

Double click and the dart cookie

Google use dart cookies in order to provide the relevant ad to the visitor. And it simply analyses your search data which is stored in the cookie and on basis of that google display the correct add to the visitors. You may opt out from dart cookie any time by visiting google policy

Third party links

Our website may contains third party links which could be an affiliate link or may be providing some additional information about the product and services. Once you visit other website through our link then you need check the policy of third party website. So make sure get the complete details before clicking any link.


You might see some banner ads of third party these are promotion ads and set up by our business parts. This could be related to direct or indirect sales. And most of the time we are commission partner that means we also charge certain percentage on every sales. Most of the time we check advertiser information and goodwill but we can’t guarantee that it would be good for every visitor so do your own analysis before buying any good and services.