All about using Mysubwaycard at Subway


Whenever we think of sandwiches, the first joint that comes to our mind is undoubtedly Subway. With
their delicious sandwich recipes and international presence, Subway definitely is the top joint for
grabbing a quick, delicious and filling sandwich. So whenever you are hungry and is craving for a
sandwich, you can definitely visit any Subway joint and enjoy a piece of goodness. But after this, how do
you usually pay for the food? Maybe you use cash as your preferred payment method. However, we are
introducing to you Mysubwaycard for an easy, safe and fast transaction. If you have not heard about
Mysubwaycard before, read on to know more.

What is Mysubwaycard?

If you are a regular visitor to Subway, Mysubwaycard would help you a lot. It would benefit you in all
your transactions wherein you can not only pay for your food at Subway, but you can use it as a gift card
for someone else as well. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves sandwiches and love to eat at

Type of cards

There are two types of cards that Subway offers, one is Subway e-Gift card and the other one is Subway
Gift card. Both serve the same purpose but is different in some ways. Let us first try to know about
Subway e-Gift cards. The main advantage of this Gift card is that you would receive it within a few
minutes on your mail, but the main problem with this card is that it can only be used in US and Canada
and can only be purchased by using USD or CAD. While for Subway gift card, the time taken to deliver it
is longer, wherein you would have to wait for 1 or 2 days for your gift card to arrive, and post-arrival you
would need to activate it. However, you can customize the card with photos and preferred designs. In
order to activate the card, you would need to visit the website of Mysubwaycard where you can also
manage your card and check its balance.

Benefits of the card

Apart from giving you easy, safe and super fast transactions, Mysubwaycard does have other benefits as
➢ You would get special discounts on various items and the discount terms and conditions would
vary from time to time.
➢ You would be updated about the latest promo by Subway.
➢ You could get reward points on purchasing food with Mysubwaycard, which you can exchange
for free Subway items the next time you visit the joint.
How to buy the card?
You can purchase the card online by going to the official website of Mysubwaycard and then you would
need to follow the given steps:
1. Go to the bottom left of the page, where you will find an option called to register, click on that.

2. Enter all the correct information in the given fields, and then click on Submit.
3. A verification e-mail would be sent on your e-mail account, click on the link given there to verify
your account and then click on Login.

You can also visit their official website for more details.

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