Best credit cards for college students

best cards for college students

Credit cards are important for college students as they are mostly living away from home. They are a convenient way to pay bills and have easy access to money without handling cash all the time. Credit cards are also great to way to get cash from an ATM. Credit Cards are essential for students as ATM and swipe machines are extensively available all over the country. They help students during emergencies and most students opt for credit cards throughout their college life. The following are some of the top credit cards that give good deals for students:

Top Credit Cards for Students

Discover Credit Cards

Discover has a “Student Cash Back” credit card that is perfect for students. “Discover it” credit card give cash back options and students can earn up to 5 % cash back on purchases on this card. It doubles the cash back annually, there are sign up bonuses, rewards and redemption, there are no annual fees, and also has offers for students with high GPA. There are dining and gas rewards which are perfect for students living on a budget.

Citi Credit Cards

Citi Bank offers different credit cards that provide many benefits for students opting to choose this credit card. There is a great sign up bonus, and 2,500 bonus points are rewarded on spending for initial 50$ on the credit card. Most cards have no annual fee. The credit limit approval is better than other brands which mean that many times students can get a higher credit card limit on Citi cards as compared to other credit cards. There is a way to improve the credit score on a Citi credit card and in time students can increase their credit limit.

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One has many different credit cards available for students. The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One is perfect for students. There is guaranteed 1% cash back on every purchase, and there is an automatic increase in the credit limit after five months if all the payments are made in time. This card has the best flat rate rewards, there is no cash back limit, and there is flexibility in the due date for the payment of the credit card bills. There are many rewards and redemption offers and there is a “what if” simulator which students can use to know their credit score. There is no annual fee and also no foreign exchange fee. The Capital One Secured MasterCard Credit Card is available for different types of students and is also a good choice for students with a low credit score.

Deserve Edu Mastercard

Deserve Edu Mastercard is a great choice for students. Most credit cards need a social security number which this credit card does not. The social security number is only available for United States citizens so this card is perfect for people with no social security number like foreign students. There is unlimited 1% cash back, and there are special offers with this credit card like Amazon Prime Student Membership. There is substantial cash back on entertainment options and travel option which is perfect for students.

Wells Fargo Cash Back Card for Students

There is 3 % cash back for gas money, groceries and also the pharmacy. There are rewards for travel, gift cards and have a zero percent introductory APR. It gives students credit cards on low-interest rates which makes these credit cards perfect for students on a budget.

Credit Cards for International Students

Many times international students get admitted to American University and need international credit cards which give the students easy access to credit cards with a great offer. The Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card for Students, BankAmericard Credit Card for Students, and the American Express Credit Cards are all very good for international students.

The above-mentioned credit cards are perfect for different types of students going to college in America. Before buying a credit card it is essential for students to look at all the offers available in the market. Credit cards companies offer many rewards to students and students should choose the best possible credit cards available in the market. Credit cards are a great financial tool for students and it is quite easy to get a credit card in America.


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