Welcome to CAITREIT it is an personal finance blog which is owned by john Wilson and the idea behind caitreit is to help people in achieving reliable information which would help in their financial planning.

This blog will provide you varieties of information related to investment, financial planning, insurance, loan and other financial products. It has not been created for specific field so we will include everything that is part of personal finance.

We would like inform that we don’t sell any product on our website this is solely created for the purpose of financial awareness. As compare to past now people know more about managing budget and financial planning. And that’s why you would find lots of people are now sharing their knowledge and building community so that we can help each other. In fact there are numerous forums where you will find experts are sharing their core knowledge with readers.

Despite being rapid increase in the awareness still many people are unable to find the answers related to their financial need. So my goal is to make this blog as a favorite spot to exchange the knowledge.